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                                                                                       RICH HEDDEN




Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art

Obtained a three year certificate.  Attended from 1983 to 1986.



Newark Museum, Newark NJ (2006-2008)

New Jersey Center for Visual Arts Summit, NJ (1996-2004)

Comic book instructor for both workshops and ongoing classes. ( Children to 




AVANTI PRESS New York city(2006-present)

Concept Development.

AVANT GAUCHE comic strip


CRACKED MAGAZINE Bowynton Beach FL (2000-2003) 

Writer/penciler/inker/color.  Variety of humor pieces.(One page strips, one 

panel gags etc...)


Tim Peters and Company, Peapack, NJ  (1996-Present)

Developed, wrote and penciled medical related comic books and educational 



Dark Horse Comics Milwaukie, OR.

1999   Dark Horse Presents #144  Galactic Jack “One Night Stand.” 


Dark Horse Presents #139    Roachmill “School Bully ” creator/ 


1997   Dark Horse Present s#126     Snipe “Creature Feature” 


1996   The Mask 4 issue story arc. “Southern Discomfort” writer.

1995   Dark Horse Presents #100  Frankenstein P.I.”Butcher’s Night Out.” 


1994   San Diego Comic Con Comic 8 page mask story. penciler

          Dark Horse Insider 5 Two page The mask installments. penciler

1992   Dark Horse Presents #67  “Zoo-Lou v.s. Editor” 


          Dark Horse Presents #65 “Interact-o-rama” penciler

          Cheval Noir#3 “Brain Surgery Made Easy.” writer/penciler

1988/90 Roachmill Series #’s 1-10  co-creator/writer/penciler

1988   Dark Horse Presents #17  Roachmill issue. co-creator/writer/penciler


Felix Comics Hamburg, NJ.

1999  Tales Of Felix #8 2 puzzle pages. writer/penciler

          Designed and penciled Felix the Cat style sheet drawings.


DC Comics New York, NY

2003 JLA/JSA SECRET FILES #1: Metamorpho story: The Ghost of Stagg Manor writer

1992-1993 The Demon #’s 30-39 penciler


Mirage Studios Northampton, MA

1993   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Special writer/penciler

1991   Turtle Soup #1 “Turtle Power” writer/penciler 

          Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #’s 38-39-40 “Spaced Out.” 


          (In this story arc I created the alien characters in which  I own 

the copyright.)

1990   Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #34 “Toitle Anxiety.” writer/penciler


First Comics Chicago, ILL

1991   Munden’s Bar Annual #2 “Get A Job” writer/penciler


Blackthorne Publishing El Cajon, CA

1986-1987  Roachmill series #’s 1-10 co-creator/penciler

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